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who is all things lauren?

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Well, hello there! And welcome to the upbeat, artistic chaos that I'm lucky to say is my everyday life. I am so happy your wanderings have led you here! Feel free to stay as long as you'd like.

My name is Lauren, I'm local and often work in my studio in Kansas City, Missouri (but travel around the country frequently). I'm 28 years young and have been aggressively pursuing my dreams for about 10 years! My mother would say I started my photography journey when I was a kid, but I like to think I really starting pursuing the art "seriously" in high school. And with the undying support of my family, I went to college and graduated with my bachelor's in photography in 2016 from the University of Central Missouri.

Shortly after graduation, through one of my best friends, I found the other piece to the main trifecta of my existence : cosplaying. I immediately fell head first into crafting and designing costumes, something I had been doing since I was a toddler. With my friend, we started attending and guesting at comic and anime conventions alike, we performed as beloved characters such as princesses, heroes and even Marilyn Monroe for birthday parties for kids from ages 2 to 75. I also really dove into my love for makeup and special FX. 


Throughout the years I have been blessed to have worked with MANY different clients for MANY different assignments, and my extensive creative background shines in my work as a photographer, and allows me to easily tackle every occasion. I first fell in love with photography because of the artistic control I had over showcasing someone's story. As someone who has struggled with not only my physical weight, but the anxiety, depression, body dysmorphia and other self esteem issues that comes with it, and as someone who is a proud part of the LGBTQ+ community, (and dealt with the pressures of that), I strive to create a comfortable environment for ALL of my clients to thrive in. The biggest reward is seeing my clients eyes sparkle after their session, and giving them a sort of emotion they may not have experienced recently, if at all - all while they ask when they can schedule their next session!

So take a look at all the portfolios (I know there's quite a few) to see my style and I encourage you to read the reviews to see what others have experienced when hiring me, and if you fall in love with my craft, let's meet up and make your photography, makeup or whatever creative dreams come true.


Either way, thank you for your time, and I hope you have a lovely day!

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