My boudoir career started in my little apartment in Mission, KS, and has grown into such a huge aspect of my photography career. I absolutely LOVE working with clients from all sorts of backgrounds, of all sorts of body types, in multiple different vibes - all badass in their own ways! I pride myself on my variety of clients, and I love helping you realize how incredible your body is! 

Some things to know about my sessions - I do NOT use intense photoshop to manipulate my images. I am a firm believe that your imperfections are what make you, well YOU! For all my sessions, I apply a light skin retouch, adjust technical things like lighting but other than that, the gallery you receive is YOU. 

I also provide lots of guidance during our session. I will describe and demonstrate the pose, and everything we do is within YOUR comfort level! I will never push you to do something you aren't okay with.

As far as outfits and props go, too much is better than not enough! In my photography career, I've shot a ton of "weird" things, so nothing is too out of the ordinary! You could bring lingerie, a swimsuit set, jeans and a cozy top, your significant other's team's jersey, your wedding dress or nothing at all - (nude and implied nude is also welcome) you never know what will inspire us that day! The goal is more about YOU, not the outfits you wear. So pick something that you feel confident in and showcases you as a human being. 

If you decide against purchasing hair and makeup with your session, I always recommend a look that will coincide the outfits and vibes you are wanting to go for. For some situations, a natural look with loose curls is better, and some looks may pair better with a bold red lip and falsies. I've worked with models of every level, it's more about YOU versus what you wear!

Each package comes with an online album of all of the finalized professionally edited images for your use. Meaning you DO NOT have to purchase these images separately! THEY ARE INCLUDED!

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