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a passionate woman is worth the chaos

HELLO THERE ("General Kenobi!")

I'd like to personally welcome you to my little universe that I've spend the past 10+ years building! I started out as a student and am now a full time freelance photographer, specializing in portraiture! 

This is a rather alluring realm, and covers all things creative - from portrait photography to cosplay, and many things in between AND although I'm based in Kansas City, I cover many areas of the United States (I love to travel!)


I am so glad you are here, and I look forward to adding you to my adventures!

There is MUCH to explore here, and even more when we chat about your creative needs! And I very much look forward to it.


In the meantime, peep on whatever portfolios you desire - labeled in the many menus at the top of this page! And be sure to take a second to read the "about me" session to decide if my weirdness is a good fit for you!

If you're feeling more direct and already want to become a piece in my portfolio, please feel free to fill out the contact form via the blue button below!

Thank you for stopping by. I do hope you'll stay awhile.


All Things Lauren is LGBTQ+, body positive, race/POC safe, and judgement free space - in ANY offered sessions and services.

Wedding Engagement Photography
Maternity Creek Photography
LGBTQ Engagement Photography
Peach Cosplay Photography
Boudoir Photography
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